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This course includes modules for the following:
Presentation Fundamentals
  •  The Preparation Process
  •  Using Visual Aids
  •  Managing Stage Fright
  •  Handling Questions & Answers
  •  Charts, Graphs & Data
How Your Audience Listens
  •  Your Audience and their Demographics
  •  Why they showed up to hear you present
  •  How People Listen
  •  The three different types of learners
  •  How to avoid alienating your Audience
  •  Choosing the right room layout
Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch
  •  What is an Elevator Pitch?
  •  The Standard Introduction
  •  The 5 E's
  •  The One Sentence Pitch
Delivering Online Presentations
  •  Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Presentations
  •  Preparing your Online Presentations
  •  Tips for Delivering Online Presentations
Sales Presentations
  •  Creating Your Sales Presentation
  •  Delivering Your Sales Presentation
  •  Handling Objections, Pushback & Negotiations
  •  Closing the Sale
  •  Effective Telemarketing Sales Tips
Effective Networking Skills
  •  Networking Events
  •  Overcoming Networking Obstacles
  •  Developing Your Networking Plan
  •  Your Networking Commercial
  •  Networking Etiquette

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