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How to Make Your Slides Relevant and Relatable 
4-Feb-22: David Kolakowski
Audience, Communication, Presentation, Charts and Graphs
Sometimes when creating a slide presentation, the presenter can get a little carried away and incorporate slides that probably don’t belong, but the presenter found them and thought they would be great to share with the audience. Maybe they found some great information about a customer support survey that shows the company has stellar customer support.  Read More...
Event: Learn how to create your 30 second commercial 
26-Jan-22: David Kolakowski
Audience, Communication, Confident, Listen, Presentation
Topic:Learn how to create and execute the right elevator pitch to generate action. David Kolakowski, Author of "Tell Me More, the Ultimate Guide to crafting & Delivering Inspiring Presentations, Fearlessly" will be the speaker and sponsor of the Coffee Connector on Wednesday, January 26, 2022. If you are tired of the same old 30 second introduction, come learn how to make it compelling, fun and actionable. With this new approach you will be remembered and they will call you.  Read More...
How to Get Action from Your Management Retreat 
7-Dec-21: David Kolakowski
Presentation, Corporate, Retreat, Management, Meetings, Strategy, Focus
Running an annual corporate strategy meeting to set the agenda for the upcoming year can be a very productive process and is highly recommended. The key to its success comes from the structure and organization of the meeting, using an independent facilitator and having a process to follow up on the great ideas, action items and goals that come out of the meeting. Read More...
Respect: 5 Ways to Improve your Relationships 
29-Oct-21: David Kolakowski
Respect, Communication, Relationships, Interrupt, Listen, Audience
Do you find yourself frustrated or angry after a confrontation with an important person in your life? Do you feel like you got no respect in your discussion. Did you disrespect the other party in your exchange? Don’t you wish that every little difference didn’t turn into something monumental that resulted in both parties retreating to neutral corners?  This is easy, if you want it.  The challenge is your perspective.  There is an old saying “You can either be right or you can be married.” This applies to business and personal relationships. If your goal is to be right rather than get to an amenable solution, you won’t be successful.   Read More...
How to speak confidently to get results 
6-Oct-21: David Kolakowski
Confident, Presentation, Words, Positive
The key to being confident when you speak is to be assumptive and not passive.  When you assume you will get what you want you will ask more confidently and confidence is key. How to speak confidently in different situations. You don't want to come across as wishy washy. Technically, Active voice means that a sentence has a subject that acts upon its verb. Passive voice means that a subject is a recipient of a verb's action. Passive voice sounds a little deceptive and dishonest at times, especially in a business situation.  Read More...