Combined Curriculum

  •  The Preparation Process (8:53 min)
  •  Your Presentation Structure (13:29 min)
  •  Using Visual Aids (11:59 min)
  •  Managing Stage Fright (6:19 min)
  •  Handling Questions & Answers (7:10 min)
  •  Charts, Graphs & Data (10:14 min)
  •  Your Audience and their Demographics (14:22 min)
  •  Why they showed up to hear you present (8:24 min)
  •  How People Listen (13:56 min)
  •  The three different types of learners (5:41 min)
  •  How to avoid alienating your Audience (8:38 min)
  •  Choosing the right room layout (6:43 min)
  •  What is an Elevator Pitch? (4:32 min)
  •  The Standard Introduction (9:33 min)
  •  The 5 E's (11:03 min)
  •  The One Sentence Pitch (13:16 min)
  •  Creating Your Sales Presentation (8:16 min)
  •  Delivering Your Sales Presentation (9:00 min)
  •  Handling Objections, Pushback & Negotiations (13:11 min)
  •  Closing the Sale (6:16 min)
  •  Effective Telemarketing Sales Tips (11:54 min)
  •  Networking Events (5:30 min)
  •  Overcoming Networking Obstacles (5:34 min)
  •  Developing Your Networking Plan (6:34 min)
  •  Your Networking Commercial (10:27 min)
  •  Networking Etiquette (2:56 min)
  •  Pros and Cons of Online Presentations (8:23 min)
  •  Preparing your Online Presentation (6:50 min)
  •  Tips for Presenting Online (8:31 min)

Comprehensive Presentation Package

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." Brian Herbert

Get youself on the fast track to better presentation skills and better communication skills. Learn how your audience interprets what you say, how to organize your content into compelling topics of interest. Become confident in your ability to deliver the best presentation and impress your boss, your coworkers and your friends. Included in this package (as shown at left) is a combination of all the related presentation courses we offer to improve your presentation skills. This combination package offers the best deal, pricewise.

In this collection of courses we go through all the aspects of understanding your audience, customizing your presentation for that audience, organizing and creating your content with a solid foundation. Expand the items in the left column to see all the training modules included in this package.