The Pandemic has Forced Presentations Online
For Better or for Worse

Position yourself for success by implementing these Online
Presentation Techniques that set you ahead of the pack

Training Lessons

  •  Pros and Cons of Online Presentations (8:23 min)
  •  Preparing your Online Presentation (6:50 min)
  •  Summary: Tips for Delivering Online (8:31 min)

Learning Objectives

  • What are Pros and Cons of online meetings
  • How to mitigate the disadvantages of online meetings
  • What are the key ingredients to a successful online presentation
  • How to use audience interactions to keep them focused
  • How to improve your technical equipment for better online presentations
  • Tricks to make your online presentations more impactful

Delivering Online Presentations

"When a person is in an online meeting they often forget the fact that others can see them and what they are doing. Never has so many been so distracted when participating online."

Presenting online has some tremedous advantages and some equally dangerous negatives. You must be better on line than you do in person because your viewers can turn you off with a single click. There are different tricks to delivering a successful presentation on line and your focus needs to be on these differences. In some ways it can be more difficult, but once you learn the techniques to online presentations, the benefits of presenting online will outweigh the negatives.

In this course we walk you through the logistics of conducting an online presentation, the keys to focus on and how to be effective and keep the audience interested. There are some physical requirements as well as technical considerations that you must address to be successful when presenting online.

Who is this for?
  • Sales/Business Development
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
What you'll learn:
  • The Pros and Cons to Online Presentations
  • Tips for Presenting Online
  • How to keep your Audience Engaged Online
  • Closing an Online Presentation